SOUTH PORTLAND — Surrounded by 200 friends and fans Wednesday night, Gorham’s Dan Foley watched himself survive “Survivor” for another week.

Foley is now one of 13 people left in the running for the show’s $1 million prize.

The 48-year-old postal worker hosted a viewing party at Thatcher’s Restaurant & Sports Pub in South Portland. He’s been on the reality show since the current season began Feb. 25 and had hosted other parties. But on Wednesday, CBS aired a two-hour double episode, and Foley told people they wouldn’t want to miss it.

The party included three of his fellow “Survivor” competitors, who flew in for the event: Sierra Thomas, Mike Holloway and Tyler Fredrickson.

The four “Survivor” contestants sat together, hooting and hollering at themselves along with everyone else in the restaurant. At one point, Foley is seen on screen trying to apologize to Thomas for a slight, but failing.

“That was the crappiest apology I’ve ever heard,” Thomas said on screen, while sitting next to Foley in real life.

“Dan Foley baby” was a common cry all night Wednesday, heard when Foley appeared on screen. People lined up to have pictures taken with him.

The biggest applause at the party came during the evening’s second episode, when Foley was seen breaking pots with a wrecking ball on a chain, with incredible accuracy. His effort helped his team win immunity. That means he’ll be on at least one more week.

This season of “Survivor” was filmed in Nicaragua over 39 days in August and September, with 18 participants divided into three competing tribes. So Foley has some idea how he did on the show, but is contractually required not to reveal too much.

Thomas, 27, flew in from Utah to be at Foley’s party. She said during filming last year that Foley was her “personal heater” and her “snuggle buddy” for warmth at night.

At one point during Foley’s party Wednesday, he had his picture taken while holding 2008 “Survivor” winner Bob Crowley aloft in his arms. Crowley is the only Mainer ever to have won the show’s $1 million prize.

So far.

The next episode of “Survivor” will air at 8 p.m. March 25. The finale will be in May.