Re: “Finally, a day dedicated to humble π” (March 14):

As we all know, the number π is not Nu. As a matter of fact, it is infinitely irrational to think so.

One need not even gaze past Pi(sces) to realize how important π actually is in all of mathematics and in our universe. π is highly involved with its most basic friends such as 0, 1, e, and i.

You may ask: How so? Well, the following equation is not very imaginary, but it is very basic if one ponders the meanings of i and e: e exp(πi) + 1 = 0

Clearly, the right-hand side of this equation is nothing but a real and non-complex number.

Biddeford High School math teacher Jon Jacques should consider keeping this equation in his hip pi-kit for his next year students to prove on Pi Day.

Stan Leroy