I read with interest Suzanne Rudalevige’s March 16 letter in the Portland Press Herald (“Let’s keep America’s arms open to all”). While I agree with some of her thoughts on immigration, the issue currently is clouded by illegals coming into our country through a porous southern border.

While giving welfare may seem to be a noble thing to do, we should remember that gifts from government do not necessarily wind up making good citizens. Working hard for and attaining a goal is by far more satisfactory than getting a gift to meet the same ends.

In 1635, my folks came to Massachusetts from England, where they were sheriffs looking out for game poachers on feudal estates. They came here as indentured servants, meaning that they paid someone else in labor for the privilege to come here – just the opposite of Mrs. Rudalevige’s opinion.

There was no government willing, or able, to assist anyone. That alone is enough to make this country exceptional.

Clifton E. Foster