In response to Orlando Delogu’s recent opinion piece “Reducing Maine income taxes will not create jobs,” I have to agree with the headline. The rest is fantasy.

The completely unfounded idea that increasing revenue sharing will reduce or “hold the line” on property taxes is a perfect example. Like the old line “build it  and they will come,” towns will follow the line “give them money, and they will spend it.” That is the difference between Delogu’s fantasy, and reality. And that is what the governor understands.

Government, government policy, government programs. None of those has ever created a job. People, and their businesses, create jobs. When businesses operate in Maine, Maine jobs are created. Gov. LePage understands. The statistics, envy and attacks that make up the remainder of the piece do little to advance the conversation. And once again, Delogu couldn’t resist labeling as mean-spirited anyone that would actively address the rising costs of social programs.

Liberals measure success with welfare rolls (as long as it is with other peoples’ money). Conservatives measure success by how many people are lifted from poverty with jobs and opportunity.

I applaud Gov. LePage for making every effort to improve Maine’s business climate. Maine is an extremely attractive place to live, but until we make it an attractive place to do business we will continue to struggle. The sooner we learn that lesson, the sooner we can get on the path to prosperity for all Maine people.

Barry Stephens
Greenland, New Hampshire