Re: “Lawmaker seeks probe on Downeaster finances” (March 13):

Is Sen. Stan Gerzofsky still living on this planet?

He claims he received “several” complaints about Amtrak service from passengers. How many persons is “several”? What were their specific complaints? Nervy people to complain about travel during the worst winter in 50 years.

Does he know that Mainers suffered physically and financially and faced every inconvenience this past January and February?

Does he also “not allege any wrongdoing” (a cunning phrase used when one wishes to cast doubt for snarky personal or political reasons) but nonetheless call for a state investigation of schools because they were closed so often that the public school year now runs through June 30?

Is he suspicious of tollbooths, along with needed state revenues that weren’t realized for lack of traffic on the frequently dangerous interstate? Has he looked into the 75-car pile-up, news that was so sensational it went national? Is he investigating the state police report on the matter, which was an act of God and, for good measure, of driving speeds inappropriate to the horrendous conditions?


Has he contacted the Federal Aviation Administration over the innumerable flight cancellations into and out of the Portland jetport? What is his take on delays at Concord Trailways and Greyhound? The rash of house fires from overheated furnaces? The dozen or so near-asphyxiations? The ski resorts that closed or limited the operations of their chairlifts because they were not stable in the Arctic wind?

Stan Gerzofsky really was on a different planet this winter. He still is.

Paula Boyer Rougny


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