Please support passage of L.D. 122, “An Act To Standardize Pints of Beer Sold in Maine,” which requires establishments advertising that they sell and charge for a pint of beer actually provide customers with a 16-ounce “full pour” of beer.

I’ve always been a beer enthusiast. I enjoy drinking beer and home brewing. I’ve been a supporter of Maine’s beer industry from the beginning. I was a teacher, principal and science educator for my career; recently I became a beer activist for economic justice.

In most establishments in Maine, the advertised “pint” is actually less, because it is served in a glass that, by design, is barely even able to hold 16 ounces to the point of overflowing – let alone leave enough room to additionally include the recommended space for a head.

L.D. 122 is about making sure that if the restaurant/bar/beer industry tells you that it is selling you a “pint,” then you actually get what you pay for: a full 16-ounce pour just like when you purchase a pint of ice cream and/or maple syrup, etc.

The beer and restaurant lobbies have gone on record as saying that “every consumer is entitled to their fair pull of beer” and “a customer should get what they order and pay for, and that a pint in the U.S. is truly 16 ounces.”

Yet the “pint” glass that they are referring to – and that they are insisting must be used – does not even hold a full 16-ounce (pint) pour, so these comments are just a diversion that keeps the status quo of the short pour for the customer going while the industry inflates its profits.

Please contact your senators and representatives and ask them to support L.D. 122. For more information, visit the website and Facebook pages for Full Pint Association of Maine.

Bumper White

liaison, Full Pint Association of Maine