My name is Debi Davis, and I was a Republican candidate for state representative in District 11 (part of Biddeford).

Mayor Alan Casavant has appointed another man to the Biddeford City Council: Stephen St. Cyr. Congratulations to Mr. St. Cyr. I hope he will serve us well.

However, I think the mayor missed an opportunity here. After all, according to the 2010 census, women outnumber men in this city 52.5 percent to 47.5 percent. So why should 100 percent of the council be made up of men?

Isn’t the council to be representative of the population it serves? If we are truly representing our population as the numbers suggest above, women should outnumber the men on this council – yet there are none.

Men and women think and work differently, which is why both genders need to be represented on the council.

With this latest appointment, one could conclude that our City Council is nothing more than a “men only” club. And ladies, didn’t we crash these clubs back in the ’70s? Think about it.

Debi Davis


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