A New Gloucester man who allegedly went into a bar and impersonated a federal drug agent was arrested Thursday at his workplace.

Cumberland County Chief Deputy Naldo Gagnon said Peter Desantis, 44, of 186 Bluff Circle went into the Tailgate Bar and Grill on Portland Road in Gray on Tuesday afternoon, said he was a federal drug agent conducting an investigation, and searched several patrons before assaulting two men. He also threatened to arrest the men, Gagnon said.

Desantis left the bar before police arrived. He was found Thursday and arrested at his job.

He was taken to the Cumberland County Jail in Portland, charged with two counts of assault and four counts of impersonating a public servant. Desantis was released on $250 cash bail and is scheduled to appear in court in Portland on June 10.

“Desantis is not affiliated in any way with the Drug Enforcement Agency or any law enforcement agency,” Gagnon said in a press release.

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