BOSTON — A group hoping to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Massachusetts has submitted a draft of a proposed ballot question to the state attorney general’s office.

Bay State Repeal said the question would let adults 21 or older grow and buy the drug while taking steps to ban sales to minors, including undercover sting operations at stores that sell pot. Those who provide marijuana to minors – except as recommended by a doctor – would face fines and potential jail time.

The question wouldn’t require marijuana sellers be licensed by the state.

The proposal would require that state and private employers treat adult consumers of marijuana the same way they treat consumers of alcoholic beverages.

The proposed question would not tax marijuana sales, which has been a major selling point in states that have legalized pot.

There are other efforts underway to legalize marijuana in Massachusetts.

A separate bill before state lawmakers would tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol and allow adults 21 years or older to possess and grow marijuana.

The bill is being pushed by a second pro-legalization group – the Marijuana Policy Project – which says it plans to put its own question on the 2016 ballot to regulate and tax marijuana if the bill fails to win support on Beacon Hill. The Marijuana Policy Project is also supporting a referendum effort in Maine that would legalize marijuana.