Maine has the space and ability to utilize locally grown produce, but we still import up to 85 percent of our food. This amounts to a huge sum of money that is being needlessly spent, and that weighs heavily on our taxes.

The amount of food produced in Maine is sufficient to feed the state, and yet we still import it. The money that is used to buy foreign food is provided by taxpayers.

According to, there are 178 farms in Maine, most of which have the capacity to provide fresh and local foods. We aren’t using the space and resources available to us to their fullest potential.

The way to remedy this problem is utilizing the resources we have available. Many farms in Maine utilize farm shares to sell their products. If citizens stopped buying imported foods, and start buying locally, there would be less of a need for imported food. Consequently, not as much food will be imported.

According to, local food is healthier, better for the environment and safer. If farm shares are not only cost effective, but good for us, why aren’t we utilizing this valuable resource?

It’s up to you whether farm shares are utilized in the way they should. We are the ones who purchase the produce, and therefore are the ones who can curb the demand for imported foods.

Without the unnecessary food being shipped in, our dependence on non- local food will decrease. Maine won’t be spending the money needed to deliver the produce from around the world.

Without the extra costs, the amount paid in taxes will drop exponentially.

It’s up to us to change this. One person cannot do it alone. Please consider supporting local farms by purchasing a farm share.

Julia Lancia

student, Deering High School