What don’t some drivers get about the law requiring motor vehicles to give cyclists “not less than 3 feet” while overtaking a bicycle on the road (“Confrontation in Portland between school bus driver, cyclist under review,” April 17)?

As a road cyclist for over 60 years, with well over 100,000 miles in the saddle, I know that the requirement to ride as far to the right as “practicable” must be the decision of the cyclist. He (or she) is the only person who can determine how far to the right he (or she) can safely ride.

As your article correctly points out, only the cyclist knows the condition of the road surface directly in front of the front tire.

I’ve fallen more than once because of sand, crumbling pavement or an obstacle in the road. To not allow me to ride to the left of these dangerous conditions could invite injury or death.

So, please, when driving, give us cyclists a break and give us at least 3 feet when overtaking us on the road. You may just save a life.

Harry Noel