More than $4,000 in cash lost in the parking lot of the Bangor Wal-Mart is back in the right hands after an honest store worker turned it in to police.

The money was lost in December during a snowstorm, as Ou Chen cleared snow off his car after getting out of work at the Kobe Steakhouse, according to Bangor police.

Chen, who had planned to send the money to his mother in New York, had reported the loss to Wal-Mart officials, hoping the store video would help him find it, police said.

But the money was not recovered – at the time.

On Thursday, a Wal-Mart worker named Brian Cassidy found the cash, which turned out to be $4,400, while picking up trash in the parking lot and turned it in to store managers, who in turn called police.

An officer who showed up at Wal-Mart to get the money was told about the man who reported losing the money to store officials last year and Chen was reunited with the lost cash.

On Friday, Bangor police said they gave Cassidy a small department medal in appreciation of his honesty.