FAIRFIELD — A man emerged from a car, stripped and ran naked down Route 104 on Friday before putting his pants back on, according to police, who took him into protective custody.

Motorist Robert MacArthur said the man “was totally naked. He didn’t even have socks on.”

Fairfield Police Chief Tom Gould said the man “was on the Norridgewock Road running toward Fairfield from the Big Apple, removing his clothing. By the time we responded, there he was, clothed.”

Gould said the man, whom he would not identify, was taken into protective custody and transported to a Waterville hospital for observation. He was not charged.

MacArthur, a Fairfield resident, said he was driving south toward Fairfield Center on Norridgewock Road near the Big Apple store when he saw the man.

“I just thought, ‘What the heck is going on here? Something’s wrong,’ ” he said.


MacArthur called police, got the license plate number of the car from which the man had emerged and waited in the store’s parking lot for police to arrive.

Gould said that by the time officers arrived just after 10 a.m., the man had put his pants back on and was sitting in his car. The car was towed away.

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