WASHINGTON — The man who shot President Reagan won’t have to wear an ankle monitor if allowed to leave a mental hospital for good, a judge indicated Friday, brushing aside that request from the government.

Attorneys for John Hinckley Jr. are asking U.S. District Court Judge Paul L. Friedman to let their client live full-time at his mother’s home in Virginia, saying the mental illness that drove him to shoot Reagan has been in remission for decades and he is ready to transition to life outside the hospital.

But prosecutors and Hinckley’s lawyers have disagreed about the conditions he should have to live under.

Prosecutors argued for an ankle monitor as well as a GPS tracking device on his car, among almost three dozen conditions. Hinckley’s lawyers have requested fewer restrictions.

Friday wasn’t the first time the judge has rejected an ankle bracelet in the case. Hinckley is currently allowed to spend 17 days a month in Williamsburg, where his mother lives in a gated community, and prosecutors had previously asked that he wear a monitor for those visits. But the judge rejected that request in 2013.

The hearing resumes Monday and is expected to last several more days.