Good old Barney Frank (“Iran deal is better than alternatives,” April 19) thinks that lifting all sanctions on Iran and allowing them to have more economic success while building up nuclear capabilities is a “great achievement”!

President Obama, being the king of all things unreasonable, and John Kerry, the minion of feeble foreign policy, also think this is such a stellar agreement that Congress should play no part in the approval of the “deal.” And all the while, the head honchos of Iran are threatening “Death to America” and “We will destroy Israel.” Yep, all good stuff.

Throw in open borders with terrorists camped out by Texas and the complete inability to put a military stop to the Islamic State group (or even any mention by the White House of the Christian genocide at the hands of advocates of Islam all over the globe), and the commentary by Barney Frank hits me as a bit of delusionary thinking, which appears to be epidemic among the left.

Oh, by the way, in response to Gene Clifford (“Letter to the editor: The Ten Commandments, rewritten for Republicans,” April 19): The Ten Commandments and the Constitution have been so ignored and distorted by the Democrats that the truth is as much as a foreign language to them as Arabic is to most Americans (excluding, of course, Bowe Bergdahl and his father).

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