Face the real truth here. What we are getting with Obamacare is better than what we have had. It will cut infant mortality and all other deaths. It will increase longevity for all of us. It will alleviate suffering. How wonderful is that?

It’s a Republican idea. The rest of the rich nations of the world have it. Our very bad health care statistics will improve tremendously. We will be a civilized nation, and a healthier, more productive nation. A happier nation. A far better nation.

People can stop trying to stay alive until they can get Medicare. People will get comprehensive treatment and get it sooner, meaning that money spent on health care per individual will come down.

Increases in health insurance premiums will slow down a lot. We individually will no longer have to subsidize the hospitalizations and medical care of others with our premiums and our taxes.

All of us will pay our own way based on affordability. The healthy will help pay for the sick, which is the very essence of insurance. We will cut personal bankruptcies in half or more.

I’ve always based my beliefs on truth and logic, as I also made my living as a computer analyst. Here they are above.

Tell me I’m wrong and why you may think so. Be logical and do not use flawed ideology. Think deeply and honestly and compassionately. Remember how we treat the least of us can make us a civilized nation, which right now we are not.

B.F. Dudley II