AUGUSTA — A group of Democratic and Republican lawmakers called on Gov. Paul LePage on Tuesday to stop holding voter-approved bonds “hostage” to advance his political agenda.

Lepage fired back Tuesday afternoon, implying that the lawmakers are representing special interests and not the voters.

Republican Sen. Roger Katz of Augusta and eight other lawmakers presented a bill intended to force the governor to release bonds approved by Maine voters, including funding for land conservation projects that LePage says he will withhold until the Legislature approves his proposal to increase timber harvests on state lands.

Conservationists and some lawmakers say LePage’s ultimatum is jeopardizing conservation deals around the state, while LePage has said the increased revenue from sales of timber would help rural Mainers improve their home heating systems.

Katz said Tuesday that no one person, not even a governor, should be able to veto the decision of the people.

Both LePage and House Republican Leader Ken Fredette fired back in written statements, directing their words at fellow Republican Katz.

“I represent all 1.3 million people in Maine, not just wealthy special interests,” LePage said. “Sen. Katz and the other sponsors of this bill should be more concerned with keeping low-income Mainers warm than grandstanding for TV cameras.”

“While many of us support the Land for Maine’s Future projects, Sen. Katz’s bill and his actions against the governor are once again demonstrating how out of step Sen. Katz is with Republican principles,” Fredette said.