As a technology professional, I am fortunate to have reliable access to high-speed, high-capacity broadband. Because of this access, I can work for clients in Boston, New York and California, bringing money into Maine to support my household, buy from Maine businesses, pay Maine taxes and give to Maine charities.

Many Mainers don’t have this opportunity, and many Maine businesses are suffering for lack of access to markets, suppliers, clients and information. As someone who believes strongly in the potential of Maine’s intelligent, hardworking people, I believe investing in broadband is the best choice Maine can make to strengthen and stabilize our economy.

The big companies that enjoy monopoly pricing in many parts of Maine don’t want us to move forward. But we’re Mainers. We don’t have to do what they say.

When we have access to work, we have the chance to lift up the entire state. Expanding and sustaining this access will open up opportunities and turn Maine into a leader in bringing smart, educated people together with organizations that need their skills.

Call or email your legislators to share your story of how broadband access would make your life better, and encourage them to support L.D. 1063, for the opportunity to work.

Patricia Washburn