Re: “Chief admits day care response failed” (April 23):

So, we all agree that the delayed state police response time to a report of a prowler at a Dayton day care was unforgivable.

And apparently the entire town was left unprotected because every single law enforcement officer was busy with a drug bust.

And apparently catching the person who could have harmed the children was unimportant, since 2½ hours gives a load of time for anyone to get away.

The lesson I am taking from this is: Never tell the police the perpetrator is gone.

I feel like I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole into New York City, where everything runs amok. (Apologies, New York, but coming from the area, I know it’s true.)

What is going on with this wonderful state – racial slurs, more murders and inept police? It’s not how I want this beautiful state to seen. I guess our new slogan is “We’re open for crime.”

Rose Sanchez