The town of York is being sued by a group of medical marijuana caregivers who claim that a recently adopted town ordinance violates state confidentiality laws.

Lynne Williams, an attorney based in Bar Harbor, is representing the caregivers, who lease space at a marijuana growing facility on White Birch Lane in York.

In the lawsuit, filed this week in York County Superior Court, the caregivers are referred to only as John Doe 1-8 because they have been granted anonymity under state law.

“State law is very clear on this. A town cannot pass an ordinance that conflicts with state law regarding marijuana caregivers and their right to remain anonymous,” Williams said in a telephone interview. “(The town of York) is trying to make these guys apply for a business license at a public meeting.”

Under an ordinance passed in November, any medical marijuana caregiver must obtain a business license from the town. The process requires the caregiver to fill out a form for the Board of Selectmen to grant the license – which is public record. It also allows the York Police Department to inspect the premises.

Williams said state law does not allow anyone, even police, to enter a marijuana growing area. Williams said she has asked the courts for an injunction that would postpone the May 5 deadline the caregivers have been given to apply for a licenses.

Town Manager Steve Burns could not be reached for comment Thursday.

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