Recent letters to the editor have extolled the merits of the respective writer’s political party’s economic accomplishments while scorning their opposition’s policies.

My personal experience with our nation’s ups and downs stems from the memory of my childhood years during the Great Depression.

At that early stage in my life, I cared nothing about politics. It did not trouble me that a Republican, Herbert Hoover, was president during the greatest economic disaster in our history.

My only concern was that our family’s employment and savings were suddenly wiped out and our comfortable lifestyle was reduced to the poverty level. I knew the pangs of hunger.

The fact that a Democrat, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, succeeded Hoover and restored prosperity to our nation was also of little interest to me. All that mattered was that our family once again had a source of income and our living conditions were vastly improved. I no longer went hungry.

Elections supposedly determine which political party controls our local, state and federal governments. We have every right to disagree with our elected officials’ ideology and criticize their policies and decisions.

But I hope we can, at least, set aside partisan bickering long enough to agree that no child should ever go hungry – whoever is in power.

Sam Kamin