I am a terminally ill cancer patient: The perfect example of someone who would benefit from the passing of L.D. 1270, “An Act for Patient-Directed Care at the End of Life.”

Believe me, I am in no hurry to die – I am only 55 and not even a grandmother yet – but there is no cure for my metastatic colon cancer.

It would give me great peace of mind and comfort to have on hand a drug that I could take, should the suffering become too great. In states that have the law, many end up not ever taking the drug. Just having it on hand gives the dying some sense of control.

There are safeguards written into the proposed legislation so that only a mentally competent adult can get the prescription, and only from doctors who are willing to participate. You cannot get the drug on behalf of another person, and it must be self-administered (this is to protect the elderly and the disabled).

There are many ways to end one’s life, of course, but all involve substantial extra trauma both for me and my family, as well as the general public. Why should some innocent dog-walker come across a body in the woods? Why should search and rescue to be called to look for me, should I go missing from my house one day?

Those who do not need this law, or who do not like it, can choose to ignore it completely – but it should be there for those of us who do need and want it. Please support L.D. 1270.

Eva Thompson