Yegor Malinovskii, a local businessman and fine art photographer, is showing his photos this month at Akari, a beauty salon and spa at 195 Middle St. in Portland.

Malinovskii’s collection of Maine landscapes and a few of his new fine art prints on metal will hang on Akari’s walls through May 30. Malinovskii is debuting his first 15 photos, which capture breathtaking views, rarely seen in such epic colors and natural lighting. In a press release about the exhibit, he said he’s inspired by light and seeks out compositions that are emotional and dramatic, yet very personal.

“Photography allows me to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world, get out of the city and the daily grind, connect with nature in its purest form,” Malinovskii said in the release.

Malinovskii’s photos have been featured on numerous websites, including and They were also featured in the April issue of Maine magazine.

Malinovskii was born in Ukraine and lived there until he was 19 years old.

In 1994, he began working in the automotive industry in Denver and later in Dallas. In 2008, he joined Berlin City Auto Group as market president.

Outside the dealerships, Malinovskii is a strong supporter of the community, contributing to many local nonprofits and causes supporting the arts, culture and education.

All of his photos hanging at Akari are for sale and custom orders are available upon request. More of his collection can be seen at

For more information, call 409-7333 or email his wife, Krystal Louten Malinovskii, at [email protected]