Re: “Our View: Name on a jersey doesn’t honor Indian heritage” (April 16): As a 1942 alumna of Skowhegan High School, I have been following the debate over Skowhegan using Indians as their teams’ mascot.

When I was in school, we always used the name with reverence and pride. After all, the name of the town itself, Skowhegan, was believed to be from an Indian name for “a place to watch,” referring to the falls where salmon could be speared as they swam upstream to spawn.

It was with pride that the town welcomed and exhibited the statue of an Indian (Native American, if you must) by famed artist Bernard Langlais.

I can see where Native Americans might find a name like “Redskins” demeaning, but I think they are being a little picky about the Skowhegan Indian mascot. However, respectful of their feelings, I would like to suggest that Skowhegan adopt a name that should satisfy both factions and not involve tearing down or painting over existing symbols.

Although it would be a tough one for cheerleaders, how about calling our teams “the Skowhegan Native Americans”?

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