Re: “Maine lawmakers, governor spar over land conservation bonds” (April 28):

The governor seems to be confused – or maybe he is just out of touch with what he believes he believes.

Maine voters have approved $11.5 million for land conservation projects. This would indicate to me that the residents of Maine want to spend this money for these projects and indicated their wishes by passing the bond issue.

Gov. LePage “fired back … that the lawmakers are representing special interests and not the voters.” He goes on to state, “I represent all 1.3 million people in Maine … .”

Somehow, this does not square with common logic.

If the voters – the 1.3 million people in Maine – have indicated that they approve the use of these funds for the said purpose, and Gov. LePage represents them, then it would appear to me that since “I (Gov. LePage) represent all 1.3 million people in Maine,” then he needs to do just that and release these funds for the stated projects.

To do otherwise would stand in direct opposition to his stated position of representing “all 1.3 million people in Maine.”

Maybe the state should hold back Gov. LePage’s salary until he does his job and represents the 1.3 million people in Maine.

Gary Suley