I read with great interest the suggestion from the Portland Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee about extending Portland’s already draconian parking harassment until 9 p.m. (“Group asks Portland council to consider extending parking meter hours until 9 p.m.,” May 1).

Awesome idea – don’t get me wrong. Let’s face it, Portland needs the extra money.

So in spite of all the letters from people who will never return to Portland because of some other parking nightmare, and all of the restaurants and businesses that would suffer, we should consider this new measure.

Or how about if the Portland Police Department increases its efforts to ticket bicyclists? You know, the ones who ride six abreast on Forest Avenue on Friday evenings in the summer to help mitigate that nasty vehicular traffic flow.

And I think if enough tickets were written for bikes running stop signs, failing to stop at red lights and blowing through crosswalks with pedestrians in them, we could get rid of the parking meters altogether.

That would allow bicyclists, who do not pay excise tax or registrations, to finally kick in their fair share and help out the city’s anemic coffers.

Thanks for bringing up the need for additional revenue! Hmm – bicycle excise tax? Intriguing!

Share the road! (And the cost.)

Bob Baker

Peaks Island