I enjoyed reading Matt Byrne’s recent article “Casco Bay is healthy, but trouble spots grow” (April 28), which reported on the state of Casco Bay.

The article highlighted pollution concerns from surface water runoff and helped remind us that human activity impacts our water quality.

As development continues, protecting our waterways becomes more and more important. I am proud to say that in the last 30-plus years, wastewater treatment plants have been successful at abating much of the pollution that used to flow directly into our waterways, restoring them back to vital aspects of our communities.

I want to especially thank the men and women of the Portland Water District, who operate four wastewater treatment plants in the Portland area. It’s no coincidence that water quality is better in the vicinity of wastewater plants.

For those who remember what the bay was like before wastewater treatment, the improvement is tremendous. It opened the door to a wide array of recreation and economic opportunities we all appreciate today.

Scott Firmin

director of wastewater services, Portland Water District