We recently testified against L.D. 1302. This legislation would allow phone service providers to opt out of landline service in certain areas of the state.

FairPoint Communications, our incumbent provider of last resort, states on its website: “There’s still nothing like the dependability of a landline. … The home phone is the main tool for communication or just an emergency safety net.”

Landlines are lifelines for many Mainers, especially older Mainers. This bill could eliminate a basic landline service for many who are older or disabled and face isolation or medical challenges. A cellphone may not be a viable option for basic communication.

This legislation is now with the members of the Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee. Protect the public’s access to landlines, and contact your legislators to reinforce your opposition to this bill as it is currently proposed.

The citizens and voters of Maine have a strong voice when heard together, and together we can protect landlines for all of Maine.

Bob and Carol MacDougall