Rotary Club’s donation helps with Nepal relief

The York Rotary Club recently donated $7,400 to ShelterBox, an organization that is providing emergency shelter and supplies to the Nepal relief effort.

Within days after the April 25 earthquake, ShelterBox was able to provide tents to four hospitals in Kathmandu, so that patients can be treated in privacy, according to its website.

It is also sending its shelter kits to remote regions of Nepal to help people who lost their homes.

The club previously donated funds to ShelterBox on behalf of Haiti after earthquakes ravaged that country in 2010.

For more details, go to www.yorkmerotary.org.


Portland Pie to give to Serenity Place

Portland Pie Co. will host a fundraiser at four of its locations Monday to benefit Serenity Place, a substance use treatment and recovery facility in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Ten percent of all sales from the Biddeford, Scarborough, Manchester and Nashua, New Hampshire, restaurants will be donated to Serenity Place in honor of Molly Parks, who recently died from a heroin overdose. Since her death, the Parks family has been working with local organizations to raise awareness of addiction and support resources for addicts.

Live music will be performed starting at 7 p.m. at the two N.H. locations.