I was disappointed that Skowhegan’s school board has voted to keep “Fighting Indians” as the high school sports teams’ mascot/logo.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when a guest editorial writer stated that First Native citizens were being picky over Skowhegan’s logo (“Another View: Let’s seek middle ground on Skowhegan mascot name,” May 4). What?

Such insensitivity doesn’t belong in a civil society. It is bullying to continue using social stigmas against anyone’s culture. It doesn’t matter that you’ve been doing something disrespectful for a long time – it just matters that you stop doing it.

Indians are from India. First Native Americans are from America, and they deserve the full respect everyone else expects and demands from our society.

The German word “schadenfreude” refers to humans who like to watch others suffer and/or don’t care that they suffer. Seems like there is a lot of it going around in Maine nowadays.

Please kindly change your mascot, Skowhegan (“Fighting Indians”), to anything else that isn’t insulting to anyone else.

Jackie Freitas (White Crow)