FALMOUTH — Logan Valle, the teenager police suspected of setting fire to his family’s home last November, has pleaded guilty to charges of theft, criminal mischief and trespassing.

Valle, 18, was indicted by a Cumberland County grand jury in January on four charges, but not arson. On April 27, Valle pleaded guilty in Superior Court to theft by unauthorized taking or transfer, criminal trespassing and criminal mischief. A felony burglary charge was dismissed. 

According to his lawyer, Robert LeBrasseur, Valle is serving nine months in the Cumberland County Jail for criminal trespassing. Following his release, he will be on one year’s probation for the criminal mischief charge, and will serve 364 days in jail if he violates probation.

Once either the year’s probation or 364 days in jail are served, he will have an additional year’s probation for the misdemeanor theft conviction, or six months in jail if he violates the second probationary period.

According to court documents, while on probation Valle must submit to random searches and testing for alcohol and drugs, complete counseling for substance abuse and mental health issues, and pay restitution to Mark and Renae Roy, whose home he broke into.

Valle was found naked in the Roy’s home on Fieldstone Lane, where he was arrested at gunpoint on Nov. 15. At the time, his family’s home on Inverness Road was burning. The day before the blaze, Valle was told by his mother to leave the home because of “erratic behavior.”

Police and medical experts suspected Valle was using a synthetic drug known as bath salts at the time of the fire and the break-in. He was treated for substance abuse, overdose, and frostbite when he was brought to Maine Medical Center in Portland the night of the fire.

Valle also broke into another home on Fieldstone Lane that night, and police had said he was attempting to steal keys to a vehicle. Last November, police Lt. John Kilbride said Valle stole car keys during the first break-in, but was not able to start the car. He was captured at the Roy’s home, where he was found naked in the basement.

Police found Valle’s car two miles away from the Fieldstone Lane homes,in the parking lot of the Falmouth Country Club. Kilbride had said it appeared someone unsuccessfully tried to set the vehicle on fire.

Police said Valle was angry with his mother, and with his father out of town the weekend of Nov. 14, his mother asked him to leave for the weekend. Valle refused  and police responded to keep the peace. He eventually left in a Chevrolet Tahoe his parents allowed him to use.

Court documents said Valle had recently returned from a rehabilitation program.

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