Re: the Signature Dish feature in the Food & Dining section May 13: Was I the only reader who felt totally grossed out by the huge color photo of two life-size bare hands, complete with eye-catching golden rings, mixing the “ground lamb” someone was getting ready for a meal? Wouldn’t a picture of the ready-to-serve dish have been more appetizing?

As of late I have noticed similar photos. Not long ago we had someone else’s hands deep into the cottage cheese. A year ago or so we had a chef sitting on top of the kitchen counter, I believe, sneakers and all.

In the kitchen, I’m not an overly fastidious person myself, but I do believe most of us have existing boundaries on what is appropriate and what is not on this subject. Would a chat with the editor of Food & Dining be in order?

Or am I talking to my own shadow?

Gunnel Larsdotter


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