Both Sen. Susan Collins, a Republican, and Sen. Angus King, an independent, voted against the trade bill.

“I voted against the Trade Promotion Authority legislation to protect Mainers from the disadvantages and unfair competition this legislation could impose on our workforce,” Collins wrote in a news release.

“I am especially concerned about Maine’s manufacturing and shoemaking jobs, some of which stand to be directly threatened by TPP. New Balance, for example, employs nearly 900 workers at three Maine factories.”

King voiced similar concerns.

“I can’t justify supporting a process that, in effect, would approve a major trade deal that has substantial stakes for Maine when we haven’t even seen it,” King wrote in a news release.

“I just don’t know how to explain to Maine people that they have to compete straight up with countries with little or no labor protections, weak environmental standards and wages below a dollar an hour. This is one more blow to American manufacturing, and the country will come to regret the Senate’s action today, probably sooner rather than later.”

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