The Press Herald article on trash being dumped in our woods was disturbing but it did not address the root cause of this rather new phenomenon afflicting our environment. There was once a time when you could dispose of your trash (large or small – hazardous or not) at your local dump at no cost. But with today’s lawmakers on a constant pursuit of squeezing more money out of the pockets of Mainers with limited resources, disposing of such items now results in outrageous costs. So lawmakers, instead of bigger fines, how about dealing with this issue in an innovative way for a change? How about subsidizing small businesses to take in such items at no cost during convenient times for possible recycling or proper disposal at no cost to Maine residents?

Most Mainers are very conscious of their environment. Just look at the huge lines of vehicles forced to wait for hours during those too infrequent hazardous material disposal days at the local dumps.

Let’s go back to making trash disposal more convenient and free and this problem will simply go away by itself.

Ted Sirois


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