CUMBERLAND — The Cumberland Woodbank has been having a hard time finding hardwood.

Demand from prospective buyers is “way up” this Woodbank volunteer Brian Sites said May 20.

Now in its eighth year, the bank provides firewood to needy area families. Money the bank raises from selling wood to those who can afford it goes toward purchasing fuel for those in need who cannot burn wood.

“It’s been really, really tight this year,” Sites said. “Right now we have orders for about 30 cords that we can’t meet.”

Wood donations come from a variety of places, he said – a land trust, the Small Woodland Owners Association of Maine, people who have felled trees on private property, to name a few.

The Woodbank has recently started reaching out to other towns, too, which provides information about the bank to people seeking building permits who might want to offload some trees.

“Our network can only grow,” Sites said.

Those who want to donate hardwood logs and firewood, or simply cash – all are tax deductible – can call 829-3419 or log onto

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Mike Geissler throws split wood on a pile Saturday, May 23, at the Cumberland Public Works Department while his father, Ray Geissler looks on. About a half dozen volunteers helped cut, split and pile wood for the Cumberland WoodBank fuel assistance program.

Logs tumble out of a truck May 23 at the Cumberland Public Works Department, where volunteers helped cut, split and pile wood for the Cumberland WoodBank.

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