Farmers markets are starting up again around the state, and Portland has a new grocery bag fee (although, oddly enough, it doesn’t apply to the farmers market). Time to freshen up your stash of reusable totes.

South Portland artist Hannah Rosengren made her mark with a colorful print featuring bee-friendly plants. The print has been translated into Spanish, Swedish and Montenegrin (really).

Now Rosengren has turned it into a market bag, along with a new bag that says “Support Your Local Farmer.” The latter is printed with images of a tractor, sheep, cow, chickens and an array of vegetables.

The bags, Rosengren says, are printed in dark brown ink because if she made them multicolored like their companion prints she’d have to charge too much for them. The bags are made of recycled cotton and go for $20-22 at her store. (You can get the farmers print AND the reusable grocery bag for $32.) They can also be found at the Portland Food Co-op.


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