The Maine Senate and House have given initial approval to the bill (L.D. 652) to allow constitutional carry of a concealed handgun without a permit.

The Senate and House realized that Maine citizens are not children and deserve the same rights and privileges afforded other states. They have no need to be controlled by out-of-state money. (Remember the bear referendum?)

Six other states already have a similar law, and they haven’t descended into social chaos and civil mayhem. Maine will be fine, too.

As L.D. 652 moves forward, the gun control lobby, well financed by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s millions, will attempt to scare Maine people.

They will say gun owners will be able to “hide” firearms on their person – I guess like people hide their wallets. The new law merely allows a shirt or jacket to cover the firearm. Not very scary when you know the truth, is it?

Police departments across the state receive calls from nervous citizens about someone wearing their firearm cowboy style. This is perfectly legal under the law. Yet no one ever calls up about one under a jacket. Which would you rather see?

In the interests of compromise and to calm the paranoiac gun control lobby, add a rider to the legislation. Have all gun owners attend a gun safety course, just like a drivers course. These gun safety courses are already taught statewide and in some high schools.

Now, who can really argue with that?

Tom Stonehouse


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