It is time for Maine to stop supporting puppy mills and kitten mills by buying pet shop pups and kittens. We all must use our voices to end this inhumane industry.

L.D. 335, “An Act To Restrict the Sales of Dogs and Cats in Pet Shops,” will restrict a pet shop from selling dogs and cats obtained from large-scale breeders (also known as puppy or kitten mills).

The restriction does not apply to public or private charitable nonprofit shelters, humane societies, rescue organizations or to a pet shop with dogs or cats owned by a public or private organization. L.D. 335 will stop other pet shops that sell animals from puppy or kitten mills from starting business in our state of Maine.

Documents obtained from the Maine Animal Welfare Program have proven that 99 percent of all pups and kittens sold in our Maine pet shops are obtained from out-of-state, inhumane large-scale breeding facilities where the parents are kept in inhumane conditions in urine- and feces-filled cages.

The parents are denied nutritious food, veterinary care for illness or injury and any protection from the elements by breeders – many of whom are unlicensed, with a record of repeat violations of U.S. Department of Agriculture regulations. The pet shops will deny these facts, but facts are facts. They cannot be denied.

Does Maine want to support an industry that abuses dogs and cats? I think not.

Please contact your state legislators as soon as possible at 1-800-423-2900 to tell them that Maine wants L.D. 335 to pass.

Please join Maine Citizens Against Puppy Mills on Facebook to get more information.

Lynne Fracassi

founder, Maine Citizens Against Puppy Mills


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