Kudos to Prashant Mittal for exposing the flawed American educational system (“Commentary: Fixing the U.S. school system,” May 24).

Even though the U.S. pours far more money per student into education than any other country in the world, the results are Third World-esque.

Mittal also correctly points out that students of Indian and Asian descent perform quite well here. The common thread here, of course, is that their cultures – most importantly, their parents – demand hard work, responsibility and accountability. They take an interest in their children.

Pouring more money into a broken system will not improve education, just as more handouts and welfare will not incentivize people to become self-reliant. Unfortunately, just the opposite happens.

Progressives love to say “Look at the science” when arguing their position on issues such as evolution and climate change. Funny how you never hear them say “Do the math” when evaluating the results of their failed educational and social programs.

John Lantz