Central Maine Power Co. is warning customers of a “surge” of telephone scam attempts.

The company said that callers are telling business and residential customers that they have missed a payment or a payment wasn’t processed properly.

The customers are then told to buy a prepaid debit card and call another number with the card information.

The company said that some of the callers are able to get caller ID systems to display call origination information that suggests the call is from the electric utility.

CMP said it won’t call customers whose accounts are in good standing and doesn’t ask customers to purchase prepaid debit cards to make payments.

“Any instruction involving such a payment scheme should be considered a red flag,” the company said in a news release Tuesday.

CMP said customers can check their account balances at cmpco.com or by calling 1-800-750-4000 for residential customers or 1-800-565-3181 for business customers.