I can’t let an idea in M.D. Harmon’s column June 5 (“Driving is only a privilege, but gun ownership is a right”) go unchallenged. The topic is guns: carrying them around in Maine, whether concealed or unconcealed.

To help make his case for allowing Mainers to carry concealed weapons without a permit, Mr. Harmon cites this quote from state Rep. Karen Gerrish, R-Lebanon: “As we all know, criminals do not care about rules of law. … Bad people will always do bad things.”

Hmmm. Is it really appropriate to divide the world into good people and bad people? My catechism says: “God makes all human beings good, we are made in His image and likeness.”

From my reading of newspapers I have seen that some good people have, unfortunately, after a few beers too many in a bar, because their guns were available, shot and killed another human being, regretting it forever after in a prison.

The Rev. Joseph R. McKenna