FALMOUTH — Second-seeded Falmouth dominated every phase of the game to roll to an 18-3 win against No. 3 Waynflete in a Western Class B boys’ lacrosse semifinal Saturday.

The Yachtsmen, who advanced to play Cape Elizabeth in the regional final Wednesday, built a 10-0 lead less than 21 minutes into the game.

“We were very well prepared for them,” Falmouth Coach Mike Lebel said. “The work we’ve done over the course of the season has helped us prepare a lot of the guys on our roster to play, so we’re very deep.

“At the beginning of the season we were a little bit nicked up. Now everybody’s healthy and we can run a lot of guys through the midfield.”

Falmouth had a quarterfinal bye, and its coaching staff was able to watch the Flyers roll to a 17-6 win against No. 6 Fryeburg Academy.

“We were able to get a good look at (Waynflete) against Fryeburg, so we knew exactly what they were going to do,” Lebel said. “(We) knew their tendencies. (We) knew they were going to run a zone (defense), and we were able to practice against it. We didn’t have to spend half the game to figure something out during the game. We were already prepared. We knew what adjustments to make, and the kids just executed brilliantly.”

The Yachtsmen (10-3) were especially effective against Waynflete’s zone defense.

“They did a good job (against) our zone,” Waynflete Coach Dan Thomsen said. “It has some holes in it, and they found them. When we went to play man-to-man (defense), they did nice job against that, too.”

“With the zone, we knew we had to be patient and wait for alleys to open up,” Lebel said.

Jack Mainella won 19 of 22 faceoffs to make sure Falmouth retained possession of the ball following nearly all of its goals.

“They won every faceoff pretty much, and it’s hard to win a lacrosse game when you don’t have the ball,” Thomsen said. “They were great in the faceoff X.”

The game clock switched to running time when Jack Scribner finished off a three-minute penalty kill by scoring his fourth goal of the game three minutes into the fourth quarter for a 15-3 lead. In lacrosse, the clock keeps running after a team opens a 12-goal lead.

Bryce Kuhn led Falmouth with five goals and an assist. C.J. Leighton scored two goals and had two assists. George Gilbert contributed two goals and an assist, Jack Scribner had three assists, Devin Russell finished with three goals, and Henry Russell scored once.

Will Lewis, Cal Lewis and Will Nelligan each scored a goal for the Flyers (10-4). Cooper Chap and Willy Burdick each had an assist.