The governor acknowledges (“LePage makes good on vow to veto Democratic-sponsored bills,” June 8) that he vetoed 10 legislative enactments sponsored by Democrats for no substantive reason other than retaliation for the Democratically controlled House’s rejection of his efforts to constitutionally repeal the income tax.

His argument that the House action “stifled the voice of Maine citizens by preventing them from voting on the elimination of the income tax” fails to recognize that Maine voters sustained the income tax overwhelmingly (75 percent to 25 percent) in 1971, shortly after its enactment in 1969.

It also fails to recognize that the governor himself has repeatedly “stifled the voice of Maine citizens” by refusing to issue voter-approved bonds.

The governor can’t have it both ways. In short, his reasoning and vetoes of bipartisan enactments exhibit both the logic and petulance of a 2-year-old.

Orlando E. Delogu