The Disney company is in the process of replacing IT workers by importing foreign workers. These jobs are not being moved offshore – Disney is firing American workers and importing replacements through the H-1B program, which Congress and the president approve of.

Disney paid its CEO, Bob Iger, $46 million last year, and its stock price increased by 150 percent. The company is doing very well with the workers it has – yet it is firing Americans and replacing them with cheaper foreign workers to make even higher profits.

This type of corporate greed is not how our system has traditionally worked. Traditionally, when an American company has prospered, it rewards its employees, hires more employees, and everyone wins – including America.

Disney is spitting in the face of the American worker with its current actions. I fault Congress and the president for passing laws that allow this, but Disney is choosing this business model.

Since Congress is complicit in this terrible action, we do not have much power against Disney and other companies that choose this betrayal of the American worker. But, the power we do have is to choose not to vacation with Disney.

My family and I will choose not to go to Disney properties or movies. I hope many of you will contact Disney with your displeasure over its actions and choose to vacation elsewhere.

Money is a powerful tool, and if enough of us choose not to support Disney, maybe they will see the error of their ways.

James Waterhouse