Before the City Council spends one penny of the proposed $3.2 million on making it a nightmare to get from one side of the city to the other, and solving a problem that doesn’t exist, I strongly recommend that it spends money to repave the following streets:

 Market from Fore to Middle.

Middle from Market to Union.

Spring in front of the Holiday Inn.

Congress through the State intersection.

Riverside in front of the turnpike entrance.

Portland Street from Forest Avenue to Preble Street.

Almost every side street on the Hill.

Forty years ago, High and State streets were made one way because of the high volume of traffic then. I ask members of the Portland City Council: Has the volume of traffic using High and State streets gone down in the last 40 years?

It’s been stated as fact that after the change to two-way traffic, the drive time across the city would go from seven to 15 minutes. That is so lacking in credibility it is laughable. It will likely be 30 minutes to cross the city each way as motorists wait for the left-turn light to change.

Finally, the plan to reconfigure Franklin Street will be detrimental to anyone going through Portland: It will disrupt traffic to the point that only people who absolutely must cross Portland will do so.

Michael Doyle