Even though I disagree with the resulting recommendation of the State and High Streets Public Advisory Committee (“Two-way traffic urged for Portland’s State and High streets,” June 9), I appreciate all the work they have done to ensure that it “would be feasible” to return State and High streets to two-way traffic.

The advisory committee apparently is recommending the changes (7-2), despite the estimated $3 million cost.

As a resident of the West End who walks in town often and crosses at various spots on both streets, I have no trouble doing so. I may have to wait a couple of minutes for the traffic to lessen or stop, but I have never had an issue crossing.

In fact, the idea of having to wait and be sure that traffic is not coming from two different directions frightens me.

In light of all the more pressing needs in the city of Portland (recent crime sprees in the West End, funding to assist immigrants and uncertain assistance from Augusta), this seems like a poor allocation of our money.

I also believe that these changes would create an abundance of new problems for the city and our neighborhood to deal with.

Please do not approve these changes!

Holly Lord

West End resident