Technology is the new baby sitter. Now most parents use technology such as iPads, iPhones, tablets and smartphones, and give them to their kids to keep them busy while they finish the work they have.

For instance, Einstein Medical Center did a survey to know the percentage of parents giving their kids smartphones, iPads and tablets. The survey showed that many parents do give their children technology most of the time to make them busy and quiet while they work, but these kids not only look at the light or color of the screen, they also use apps, play with games and make calls.

In the past, I have always seen funny videos of kids playing with their parents, but now I see videos of kids crying because one of their parents took the smartphone from their hands. Technology is taking over books and toys. Parents are using it as a baby sitter during housework or any work.

Children should not start their brain development with smartphones. Children now are so lazy because all they depend on doing is social media.

Kids are not using the time they have to achieve something; all they do is use smartphones, which is making them not smart, and they will not focus or learn to live a normal life.

As a teenager myself, I don’t recommend that newborns or kids use an iPad or any technology now because their brains will not develop normally.

Forqan Abdulaziz