Reading the headline article of the June 10 newspaper (“LePage rips Eves, tries to foil job chance”) made me wonder how our governor got re-elected.

He thought to issue a letter to try to affect the future employment of someone who’s in his fourth term in Augusta because that person had the audacity to disagree and have a different view!

I personally know Mark Eves from serving with him in Augusta. He is a good man and has provided leadership to the House Democrats and a stable and thoughtful presence – something our governor should learn from.

If the governor had been asked for a reference, that would be one thing; he could voice his opinions confidentially. To decide on his own to write a letter denigrating one of our state’s leaders, and send it to the media at the same time, is one of the most confrontational and destructive acts I have seen (among others) from this the administration.

Would Gov. LePage want Maine voters and legislators to write to anyone who might be considering hiring him as he approaches being termed out? How would you feel if a former co-worker decided to write such a letter because he disagreed with you and you were seeking employment?

There is a lot of talk about the politics of personal destruction. Can anyone justify this behavior?

During my time in the Legislature, I frequently disagreed with others, but I still understood that they were really trying to improve our state and cared about people. Personal attacks like this have no place in Maine politics.

I know many of the Republicans who serve, or have served, in state and local roles as well. I hope both sides are able to set aside LePage’s classless efforts to create more disruption in Maine politics.

Steve Lovejoy

former Democratic state representative