I read yet again, on the front page of the June 18 Portland Press Herald (“LePage pledges to veto ‘piggy projects’ in just-passed two-year budget”), how our beloved governor, Paul LePage, has embarrassed all Mainers with yet another of his hideous public exhibitions against our duly elected legislators – Democrats and Republicans.

I refer to the recently passed biennial budget proposal. Our legislators worked hard and long to develop a compromise budget that incorporates many bipartisan wishes and elements.

Because it does not include all of LePage’s personal desires, he threw another public tantrum, exhibiting his usual bullying, childish and near-blackmail tactics.

I, for one, am embarrassed and disgusted with his tactics.

May I suggest that our press representatives seriously consider immediately leaving the area when LePage does this again? Maybe if he sees that we and our press are equally disgusted with him, and he loses his audience and ensuing publicity, he may (possibly?) change his ways and use more civilized tactics.

John Kirby

New Gloucester