Everyone loves a winner – until they don’t. The sports news is rife with stories of embezzlement, bribery, cheating and even murder, committed by star athletes and their affiliates.

This is likely the fallout from the uber-competitive, win-at-all costs culture that pervades sports at all levels. So much press is given to the team with the strongest bats or fleetest feet, that – particularly for impressionable young athletes – nothing but that glory is good enough.

Awarding a team a trophy for just showing up is not the answer, but there should be some middle ground. A questionable call by an official or an unlucky stumble is sometimes all that boosts one team over another.

Perhaps coverage should be given to the “runners-up” on occasion to recognize and celebrate their spirit of athleticism, grit, resilience and hard work. Now that would be sports, and sports coverage, done right.

Trish Brigham

Cape Elizabeth